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Plate Warmer

Plate warmer, a professional touch for your kitchen

If you are a really meticulous and demanding gourmet, and look upon each and every detail in your cooking, Teka´s electric plate warmer models are the perfect solution for you. Join your oven with a professional appliance that will allow you to heat up your crockery, keep your dishes at the exact temperature they are intended to be served, and even achieve the ideal point in your yeast-based recipes.

Main features
  • Your best ally when serving. Teka´s plate warmer appliances are an indispensable tool for haute cuisine lovers. You will be able to heat up to 8 servings at the same time, thus keeping your menus at adequate temperature until served.

  • Teka´s plate warmer appliances fit perfectly into your kitchen´s design. You will be able to install them as a drawer under your oven, thus providing a touch of elegance and functionality.

  • Applications you never imagined before. Take advantage of Teka´s plate warmer to ferment yeast and experiment with professional, chef-like culinary preparations.

  • Teka´s electric plate warmer appliances have been designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. They feature telescopic slides for easy opening and are made of anti-fingerprint stainless steel for effortless cleaning.

Plate warmer

Complete your kitchen´s equipment with Teka´s plate warmer, the essential partner for expert cooks. You will provide your recipes with a professional, haute cuisine touch, and your culinary creations will be always at the perfect temperature when served.

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