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Sinks Teka

Sinks by Teka, 90 years of experience to your service

If you require more room in your fridge or a small-sized refrigerator or fridge freezer for your second residence, you will find it right here. Discover our range of undermount installation refrigerator and fridge freezer appliances. Compact- sized coolers, perfect for preserving your foodstuffs without bothering about the room available in your kitchen.

Main features
  • Avant-garde design provides our kitchen sinks with a unique character. Smooth outlines, luxurious finishes, bold edges…each and every sink manufactured by Teka is a complex engineering work.
  • Our kitchen sink models are manufactured in one piece featuring 20 cm / 7.87 inch deep bowls, allowing you to have more options in your kitchen.
  • Teka´s sinks are manufactured with austenitic stainless steel, a steel type that allows shiny and appealing designs, while being extremely resistant at the same time.
  • Teka offers you a 75-year guarantee in all of our kitchen sink models so you can rest easy and do not have anything to worry about.
  • Teka´s kitchen sinks will fit perfectly into your kitchen´s design. Choose an embeddable or undermount model, and let it blend with your worktop and the kitchen as a whole harmoniously.
  • You can choose more than 200 different kitchen sink models available from Teka´s catalogue, featuring diverse shapes, one or multiple basins, with tray and draining rack, round-shaped… And made of diverse materials: glass sinks, stainless steel sinks, granite sinks, or a combination of all them. We have the one you need.
  • A whole array of colours. Choose a white kitchen sink to combine it with more bright spaces, or a black one to provide your worktop with elegance and refinement. Dare to have a try?

Stainless steel sinks

Teka´s stainless steel kitchen sinks are playfully designed featuring straight and curved lines, thus providing beauty and harmony to your kitchen. Choose from a vast array of stainless steel sinks, manufactured from the most resistant stainless steel available, and enjoy their 75-year guarantee.

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Glass kitchen sinks

Glass kitchen sinks

If you want to provide your kitchen with elegance and simplicity, and get away from conventionality, discover Teka´s ceramic glass kitchen sinks here. Our sophisticated and innovative models provide you with multiple combinations, such as integrated induction hobs. Who else is capable of offering you more? Convenience and technology merged into our kitchen sinks. Discover them here.

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Fregaderos de tegranite

Tegranite kitchen sinks

Teka´s tegranite kitchen sinks are extremely resistant, and their design is the epitome of refinement and minimalism. Discover all the kitchen sinks we have at your disposal in Teka´s catalogue and enjoy your kitchen down to the last detail.

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