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Built-in Household Appliances

Teka is the specialist in built-in household appliances. Its long history in this field, combined with its extensive product portfolio, make it one of the favourite brands for many decorators and interior designers. The careful and meticulous aesthetics and design of Teka´s built-in household appliances provide a visual coherence where sense of space, perfect arrangement and cleanliness become the main assets. Thanks to in-house produced stainless steel, Teka´s built-in appliances display a comprehensive look integrating with each other in the kitchen flawlessly.

  • Modelos flexibles

    Versatile models

    They can be installed at different levels or heights, either undermounted, wall-mounted or at eye level, which allows cooking with much greater ease.

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  • Broader space

    Built-in household appliances allow having more room available in the kitchen, becoming the ideal solution for open or large kitchens alike.

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    Mayor espacio
  • Microwaves

    Better cleaning

    They prevent dirt and dust from accumulating, they are easier to clean and provide a tidier and more hygienic overall look to the kitchen.

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  • Ad hoc designs

    The elegance and simplicity of lines provided by Teka´s built-in household appliances make them the perfect fitting into your kitchen´s character features.

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