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Bathrooms by Teka, taking care of your bathroom down to the last detail

Teka specialises in turning your bathroom into a place dedicated to yourself. Discover our taps, showers and bathroom accessories, designed for you to enjoy each and every moment at your home´s most intimate place. Discover Teka´s catalogue full of new bathroom ideas and refurnish yours to your taste.

  • There are few things more enjoyable than arriving back home and giving yourself the treat of taking a hot bath. Teka is more than aware of that. Hence, our range of thermostatic taps and showers, featuring state-of-the-art functionalities, will allow you to experience the most relaxing moments. And you will only have to worry about chilling out, not water temperature. Discover our noiseless, anti- scald taps capable of adjusting the flow to taste while helping you save water and energy. Innovative bathroom ideas and painstaking artwork-like aesthetics, designed to pamper yourself.
  • Discover our basin, bath and bidet tap collections, featuring great character bathroom designs capable of providing any bathroom with brightness and breathing life into it. A vast array of bathroom designs, in which you will find cascade flows and dream-like colours and shapes that will turn your daily routine into moments of sheer joy.
  • Great characters are defined by the smallest details. Thus, Teka attaches particular importance to our stainless steel bathroom accessories; towel holders, shelves and soap dishes have been designed and manufactured with even the smallest character touch in mind.

Would you like to discover our collections and bathroom ideas?


    Bath taps

    Our greatest guarantee is more than 100 years of manufacturing bathroom taps which combine innovation and design. Discover the magnificent array of bathroom taps and bathroom ideas available in Teka´s catalogue and provide your bathroom furnishing with an exclusive refinement and functionality accent. Featuring bright- coloured backlit taps, all sorts of models and water flows, stainless steel manufacturing, nature-inspired lines and cascade jets…Discover Teka´s Bathroom tap universe and our bathroom ideas.

  • Shower collection

    Teka´s showers have been designed to help you pamper yourself. They are prepared to make shower time being always a relaxing and comforting experience. They feature extremely accurate thermostats to adjust the temperature exactly the way you please, anti-scald systems and noiseless technology for you to enjoy your shower anytime of the day or night. Discover our bathroom ideas and bathroom designs here.

  • bathroom accessories

    Bathroom Accessories

    If you are keen on taking care of your bathroom down to the last detail, take a look inside Teka´s bathroom ideas and accessories catalogue. You will find towel holders, soap dishes, hangers, shelves…and a myriad of fixtures designed to make your bathroom’s character stand out. We invite you to discover our bathroom ideas and bathroom designs.