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Kitchen Accessories Select Line

Kitchens by Teka, a real experience to be shared

Welcome to real life kitchens! If you dream of a place where you can spend your time with your beloved ones while enjoying the genuine pleasure of cooking, we can help you make it real. We are the only brand able to offer you integral solutions, providing your kitchen with the best household appliances available and the greatest array of sinks or taps you can imagine. Discover our catalogue and design your kitchen exactly the way you imagined. Teka, appliances for real life.

  • Teka´s household appliances are the result of many years of experience. We know that your kitchen is one of a kind, the place where you live the most unique moments. That is why we have been almost 100 years in the business providing kitchen appliances adapted to your needs: integrated or freestanding kitchen appliances which fit into any kind of decoration; compact or big enough for big families; functional, for those leading a hectic life, or specialised, for those with a more demanding approach in the kitchen.
  • Teka´s mission is to manufacture kitchen appliances adaptable to your lifestyle, appliances for real life. That is why our ovens, hobs, hoods and microwave ovens suit your life and your kitchen needs perfectly. Because we want you to share your best moments in your home´s best setting: your kitchen.


Teka, casi 100 años contigo

  • That is why we also have the most demanding in mind. Thus, with our plate warmers you will provide your dishes with the perfect touch, with our integrated coffee machines you will enjoy the best cup of coffee while sharing good moments, and with our vacuum sealers you will store your groceries while preserving all their properties and your health.
  • Teka´s taps and sinks also play a starring role for us. As a result of numerous design studies, our appliance range varies from minimalist layouts to colourful solutions, to make your kitchen stand out with unique character.

Teka wants to be part of your dream kitchen…

Shall we begin?


  • Ovens


    Conventional, combined, with microwaves, with steam system… No matter what you are looking for: we have the oven you want. Teka´s ovens are quick, powerful and energy-saving. Thanks to their auto-cleaning systems, you will have an appliance less in your kitchen to clean after you cook.

  • Compacts

    For those who have plenty of imagination but not so much space, Teka has created WISH compact ovens. All the features of a professional oven in a reduced package.

  • Microwaves


    With Teka´s microwave ovens you will be able to cook delicious recipes in no time. Now your microwave oven is capable not only of heating up your food, but also to prepare healthy and tasty foods for you in a quick and easy way.

  • Hobs

    Do you like cooking? Here you will find your best partner in the kitchen. Discover our state-of-the-art induction and ceramic hobs and fit the one you need into your kitchen. You can choose amongst diverse sizes to optimize your worktop and versatile models for you to cook without space restrictions. Besides, these appliances feature great cooking power and are very easy to clean.

  • Hoods


    An extractor hood is one of the appliances capable of providing most style to your kitchen. Enter inside Teka´s catalogue and get surprised with our new decorative hoods, a whole new range to be discovered: embedded, island, glass lid…These kitchen appliances get rid of odours in your kitchen completely, accumulate less dirt and are extremely silent.

  • Cold Line

    Teka´s refrigerators and freezers take good care of your health. These appliances feature advanced solutions that preserve your foodstuffs always in optimal condition, fresh and healthy. Besides, if you are a wine lover, discover Teka´s wine coolers, capable of preserving the aroma and taste of your most refined wines intact.

    Cold Line
  • Washers and Dryers

    Washers and Dryers

    Teka likes to pamper your clothes, that is why we have developed washing machines and washer dryers capable of washing your most delicate garments as if done by hand. Discover here Teka´s catalogue and start taking real care of your clothes.

  • Dishwashers

    Teka´s dishwashers meet your needs, featuring more options to arrange dishes and cutlery inside it without any hassle. These are extremely silent, low energy consumption appliances. Find here the appliance you need.

  • Water heaters

    Water heaters

    If you are looking for an electric water heater, here you will be able to find the one with the most suitable capacity for your home, and even choose the way you want to install it: horizontally, vertically or reversible. These are safe, low energy consumption appliances.

  • Sinks

    Give your kitchen a touch of refinement and vanguard design with the help of our sinks. Teka offers you the widest array of models for you to choose the one that suits your style best. Kitchen sinks that combine elegance and beauty to perfection.

  • Sink taps

    Sink taps

    Choose the taps that fits best into your kitchen´s character. Discover Teka´s vast array of models. Find here design taps featuring technologies developed to save water and energy, and with ease of use in mind.

  • Kitchen Accessories

    Teka pays attention into every detail. Therefore, here you will find oven, range hood, fridge, dishwasher or hob accessories, and improve your appliances with unique, quality elements always delivered by Teka. Discover our catalogue of kitchen accessories and find the perfect solution for you.

    Kitchen Accessories
  • Plate Warmer

    Plate Warmer

    If you are a true lover of haute cuisine recipes and you like to look after your kitchen down to the last detail, we have a perfect appliance for you. Match your oven with a plate warmer by Teka and serve your recipes always at perfect temperature.

  • Coffee machine

    Presenting our coffee machines, integrable with the rest of your appliances, that will provide your kitchen with a unique touch of refinement. Thanks to its state-of-the-art functions, characteristic of professional appliances, you will be able to share unique moments with your beloved ones around a cup of coffee.

    Coffee machine
  • Vacuum sealing machine

    Vacuum sealing machine

    Discover the advantages of vacuum sealing your groceries. You will be able to prolong their storage time and properties, they will be always ready to be consumed and this method of preserving items will allow you to experiment new ways in your cooking. Discover the new vacuum sealer appliances by Teka.